Parade of losers. KIEV. AUGUST 16, 1944

"MOSCOW to comrade STALIN I.V.


August 16 this year through the mountains. Kiev a convoy of a group of German prisoners of war was conducted in the amount of 36,918 people, including 549 officers. Of this number of prisoners was: captured by the troops of the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian fronts 21,249 people; troops of the 1st and 2nd Belorussian fronts 7,927 people; troops of the 1st Baltic Front 2700 people, and the remaining 5042 people. were sent from the NKVD camps.

Columns of prisoners of war passed through the streets of the mountains. Kiev for five hours - from 10 a.m. to 15 p.m. The total length of the route through the city from the place of concentration to the place of loading into the trains was 21 kilometers.

During the movement of prisoners of war, all the streets, windows and balconies of buildings were filled with local residents. During the appearance on the streets of columns of prisoners of war, along the route of their movement, more than 150 thousand residents of the city gathered. Residents of the city, who suffered many troubles from the Nazi invaders, accompanied prisoners of war with exclamations of hatred and curses at the Germans.

I give some characteristic statements:

One old woman said: “Their filthy hands, stained with our blood. Now let them work. ”

World War II disabled person Rybalov in the crowd shouted: “Dogs! The killers are damned! Why did you hang your wife and daughter, why did you cut off your hands to your nephew Volodya and threw him alive into the mine? Now you will answer for everything! ”

Markovich, a professor at the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, said: “You look with hatred at these bastards who have caused us so much grief, those responsible for so many destructions and deaths. This procession is instructive for many. The inhabitants of Kiev now saw in a different guise the Germans who ruled in Kiev as overlords. ”

Doctor Gorozhai said: “I restrained myself not to scream at the address of these animals. When you think about what these damned bastards have done, hatred boils against them. "
Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Rol, exchanging impressions with other scientists, emphasized: “These“ winners ”of Europe have a miserable appearance. It is pleasant to think that some of them visited Kiev as winners, and now they are again captured. This will make them think. ”
A nurse at the Vlasov Polyclinic, standing on the street, said to other women: “My only desire at this hour was to drop a bomb at them. After all, how many unfortunate fathers and mothers look at those who killed their children and robbed. "
Accountant of the trust Ukrfarforofayans Pikovskaya said: “These cannibals have a healthy appearance. I recall how captured Red Army soldiers were led along the streets of Kiev. Although they looked like the dead, undressed, hungry and barefoot, but in each face one could feel strength and hatred. And these go like a herd of sheep. Where is their former style? ”

Goman, stenographer of the People's Commissariat of Industry of the Ukrainian SSR, said: “It's nice to look at the columns of tamed predators, who were torn off their claws and put in a cage. After all, they treated us like dogs. It’s a pity that one cannot spit in the physiognomy of these “liberators”.
One old man shouted after a passing column of prisoners of war: “Dogs, look and tremble, Russian people are not slaves. We are alive, we will show you robbers! ”

In many places, especially on the street of the destroyed Khreshchatyk, exclamations were heard: “Look, you bastards, at the results of your vile work. We will make you work day and night, so that you will remember and forget the way to us for life! ”
There were a lot of similar statements. There were also many such exclamations and cries: “Ukrainian fat came about. Now it’s all right for you to sideways ”,“ You don’t want an egg? ”,“ Death to Hitler! ”,“ Shame on the killers! ”,“ Death to fascism! ”,“ Our tormentors ”,“ Reached ”,“ You need to shoot them ”,“ How do you Do you like Ukraine? ”
Despite shouts and threats, the population behaved very restrained and the passage of prisoners of war was not accompanied by any excesses.

However, there have been attempts on the part of individuals and mainly invalids of World War II to penetrate the cordon of a convoy and strike prisoners of war.
Such attempts were persistently suppressed. Only four people in different places of the route were struck with a crutch, a stone and a stick by four prisoners of war. However, they did not cause much harm. One woman, approaching the convoy, spat in the face of a German officer. These actions were accompanied by cheers.
In the bazaar area, young women threw eggshells into the German column with exclamations: “If you wanted an egg, you’ll get it.”

Some city residents and military personnel expressed dissatisfaction with the humane treatment of German prisoners of war. One old woman went to the escort and, holding out her hands towards the Germans, shouted: “They tortured our people and our prisoners, but they nursed them! Give them to us, we will teach them stones. ”
Individual women, trying to get to the column of prisoners of war, shouted with anger: “You bastards tortured and shot ours,” and turning to the guards, they said: “Beat them, do not spare!”

Sokolov, a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, said: “I compare this sight with what I saw in 1941, when the Germans led Soviet prisoners of war. I believe that ours are doing wrong, assuming such a good attitude towards the Fritz. "
An employee of the People’s Commissariat of Ukraine Kopailov said: “Being in the army, I tried to destroy the Germans more. Now I see that there are still a lot of Germans alive and our government is worried about them: feeds, clothes. They must be treated more strictly so that they remember how they acted with our Red Army men. ”

An employee of the Metalloshirpotreb trust, Kirichenko, said: “Why did they put up such enhanced security for these scoundrels? If it were less, the people would talk to them differently. It is disgusting to look at these stupid faces. It’s scary to think about how our people live there. The poor are starving. ”
The priest Sobolev in an interview with other clergymen said: “I am surprised at such a ceremony. This is fat for our enemies after they left so much grief and tears here in Ukraine. ”

Hieromonk Timofey, who was present at the time, said: “I am indignant at the fact that they are treated with such decency. And how did they take our prisoners? No, the authorities are doing it wrong; they should have been led as they drove ours. Beat with whips. What they have earned, let them get it. ”
One worker said: “They drove our wounded at a trot, and we fed these muzzles, we take them with a small step, and we built a guard. I wouldn’t make a fuss with them, but would pay a dozen. ”To this, one woman replied:“ The Russian man quickly forgets insults. ”

N. Khrushchev August 17, 1944
German prisoners of war on Sophia Square

 A column of German prisoners goes along Sofievskaya street


 Khreshchatyk. Opposite Institutskaya Street
 Past the ruins of the post office and the hotel Grand Hotel

 German prisoners of war under guard escort stopped at Khreshchatyk

 Khreshchatyk. Opposite Proreznaya Street
 On Khreshchatyk in front of Bessarabska Square

Near TSUM (Central Department Store)

 Past the building of the Central Department Store on Khreshchatyk

 In the area of Bessarabska Square

 In the area of Bessarabska Square

In the area of Leo Tolstoy Square
At the end of the march, the prisoners were immediately loaded into thirteen railway echelons. Nineteen thousand participants of the "parade" went to the mines of Donbass, five thousand left for Zaporozhye, to the enterprises of the People’s Commissariat and People’s Commissariat of the aviation industry, and another four and a half thousand Germans rebuilt the Nikolaev port and shipbuilding plant. Almost five thousand prisoners of war remained in Kiev, where they were engaged in work to restore the city destroyed by the war. Wehrmacht officers, members of the Nazi party, as well as war crime suspects were returned to the Chernigov and Gryazovets prisoner of war camps.

And the people of Kiev started cleaning after the "parade". “When the procession ended, the whole road was littered with some lost objects and rags. Then behind the column drove garbage and watering machines (where they only had time to prepare them?), Symbolically clearing our streets forever of the consequences of the occupation,” recalls the old Kiev resident Leonid Vasiliev. "

Author of photo 
Georgy Ugrinovich (1910-1989)
Georgy Ivanovich Ugrinovich was born in 1910 in Dnepropetrovsk. He worked in the magazine "Ukraine" in Kiev.
During World War II he served as a war correspondent for TASS in Ukraine, took a large number of photographs on the liberation of Ukraine from German invaders