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Krasnodon trial of the Nazis and their accomplices

  The Krasnodon district of the Voroshilovgrad region of the Ukrainian SSR was occupied by Germans, Romanians and Italians from July 1942 to February 1943. Before the war, about 80,000 miners (20,000 of them in Krasnodon itself) and collective farmers lived here, far from all were able to evacuate. Dissatisfied with the "New Order" was dragged to the police, tortured, killed. According to the ChGK, 242 people were killed, 3471 were stolen in Germany, 532 were missing. In Krasnodon, on September 28, 1942, the Nazis buried 32 miners alive in the park for refusing to work for the occupiers, for participating in fighter units and partisan activities. The very next day, the underground organization Young Guard was created (it included separate resistance groups and newcomers), so about a hundred young men and women from 14 to 25 years old decided to take revenge on the invaders. Their actions have attracted the attention of the Germans, but the reasons for their failure remain a m