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August 1

August 1 is annually celebrated in Poland as the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Unfortunately, these celebrations are already traditionally held in an openly anti-Soviet and anti-Russian spirit: they say that Stalin and the USSR betrayed courageous rebels, giving them to the Germans to be torn to pieces. At the same time, it is deliberately forgotten that hundreds of thousands of our compatriots gave their lives for the freedom and independence of Poland. So what are the real facts about the 1944 Warsaw Uprising? After the defeat of Poland by Germany in September 1939, a Polish emigrant government was formed in France (later in London), headed by General V. Sikorski. Until the start of World War II, it took a hostile attitude towards the USSR, based on the concept of "two historical enemies of Poland" - Russia and Germany. July 30, 1941, diplomatic relations between the USSR and the Polish government were restored. The agreement on this issue indicated the readin