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Cavalry corps

Red Army standardized their cavalry units in early 1943. All together there were 7 cavalry corps with 21 divisions.This was reduction from previous years but these new divisions hardly resembled their predecessors. They were heavily reinforced with heavy weapons and their maneuverability and firepower made them ideal additions to mechanised formations on rough terrain, mud, snow or terrain with little roads, as they had superior tactical mobility on such terrain to motorised infantry. Corps of 1943 had 21 000 men and 19 000 horses, each had a tank destroyer regiment (24 76 mm towed guns), an SU reginent( 20 SU-76s), anti aircraft regiment, guard mortar (Katyusha) regiment, a heavy tank destroyer regiment plus service units. Each corps in addition had a total of 117 tanks, which made them approximate equals to panzer divisions of the time.