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Commissar of foreign Affairs of the USSR M. M. Litvinov on the Plenum of the League Nations'.

 On September 19, Benes, through the Soviet Plenipotentiary in Prague, addressed the Soviet government regarding its position in the event of a military conflict. The Soviet government replied that it was ready to fulfill the terms of the Prague Treaty. The Soviet Union offered its assistance to Czechoslovakia in the event of a war with Germany, even if, contrary to the Pact, France did not do so, and Poland and Romania refused to allow Soviet troops to pass. Poland's position was expressed in statements that in the event of a German attack on Czechoslovakia, it would not interfere and would not allow Soviet troops to pass through its territory, and would immediately declare war on the Soviet Union if it tried to send troops through Polish territory to help Czechoslovakia. And if Soviet planes appear over Poland on their way to Czechoslovakia, they will immediately be attacked by Polish aircraft. France and Czechoslovakia refused military negotiations, and Britain and France blocke

Innocent Polish sheep?

In the history of every state there are heroic pages that this state is proud of. There are such heroic pages in the history of Poland. One of such glorious pages of Polish history is Operation Zaluzhie — the armed occupation by Polish forces of part of Czechoslovakia that occurred 11 months before the start of World War II. “With the greed of a hyena” - with these words W. Churchill praised the behavior of pre-war Poland, hastening to grab its piece from the doomed in Munich to tear to pieces Czechoslovakia. “The heroic character traits of the Polish people,” the famous British politician summed up, “should not force us to turn a blind eye to his recklessness and ingratitude, which for several centuries inflicted immeasurable suffering on him.” Indeed, the reckless ambitions of the Poles on the eve of the tragedy of 1939 were far from being limited to the Teshinsky region. In Warsaw, they made plans to tear vast territories in the East and even raved about a "march to Berlin.