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Krasnodar trial

The occupation of Krasnodar lasted six months. During this time, the Nazis and their accomplices destroyed the city and killed 11,472 people (before the war there were about 200,000 inhabitants), of which 4,972 men, 4,322 women, 2187 children. To speed up executions, the invaders used "gas chambers" ("gazenvageny") - sealed trucks, where 7000 Krasnodar were poisoned with exhaust gases. It was a deliberate punitive policy of units of the 17th German army under the command of Colonel General R. Ruof. The head of the Krasnodar Gestapo, Colonel K. Christman, planned the killings. The German Gestapo officers and the SS-10-A sonderkommand, consisting of traitors to the motherland, worked in concrete cries. About 200 people served in it. Alas, at first they managed to catch a few. But even 11 suspects were enough to start the world's first open trial of Nazi accomplices. At the trial in Krasnodar on July 14-17, 1943, members of the SS-10-A sonderkommando and their assi


 Nuremberg trials began - an open trial of mankind over Nazism. All protocols will not be enough to list his crimes, much is hidden in the ashes and the earth. The executioners methodically killed millions of innocents, feeling their impunity. Until 1943, no one in the world had the experience of trial of the Nazis and their accomplices! There was no analogue of such cruelty in world history, there were no atrocities of such temporal and geographical proportions, therefore there were no legal norms for retaliation. For justice, it was still necessary to free places of crimes and witnesses, to capture the criminals themselves. The Soviet Union was the first to do all this. It was his lawyers who had an unusual and hard job to investigate mass atrocities and impose an objective sentence. For this, in all the liberated areas, the Extraordinary State Commission collected facts about atrocities and atrocities. For this, millions of prisoners of war were interrogated several times in the cam

Secret Soviet archives?

by Дмитрий Шеин I've mentioned already the incredulous question: if Russian archives are so open and the documents are declassified where is the plenty of deep and comprehensive historical studies? Something is unclear here! First and the main. When many people imagine themselves the historical work, they imagine the hot and dusty excavation site, and historian/archaelogist wearing cork helmet, who is looking at his tent on two found fragments of crock, the rusty needle, one bead, driving his finger over misty and obscure short phrase of print publication of an oooooold chronicle - and voila, in ten years local tourist agencies will establish the constant sightseeing route to local Troy or modern Pompeii. It could be right for ancient and early medieval history, but the main problem of modern history is quite opposite: there are too many sources to study all of them, to match all of them and to compile all of them. The supreme deity of history of new age and modern history i

Trade between the USSR and the Nazis

Very often you hear about the fact that Stalin raised Hitler - he trained the officers of the Luftwaffe (military aviation) and Panzerwaffe (tank troops), supplied Germany with raw materials for the production of weapons and food, and provided military assistance in operations. So was the Soviet Union a true friend and ally of Germany, or did someone intentionally distort the facts by simply pulling the proposal out of context? In the article “The USSR and Germany - myths: who taught whom”, the lie (or half-truth, who likes what) was considered that the USSR was training German military personnel.           Myth: The Soviet Union fully met the needs of fascist Germany in raw materials and food, and I.V. Stalin outwitted himself by arming Germany. Some claim that every second German tank was made of Soviet metal.            If desired, you can find a lot of variations on the same topic. There was only one promise - Stalin specifically provided Hitler to start a war with his people.