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Soviet-Polish war

Conditional name of the myth In 1920, the Bolsheviks, in order to spread the world revolution, attacked Poland. Examples of using “11.11.1918 Poland was proclaimed an independent state. In 1920, the troops of Soviet Russia attacked Poland, but were defeated at Warsaw. According to the Riga Agreement of 1921, the lands of Western Ukraine and Byelorussia were transferred to Poland from Soviet Russia ”). This myth is so popular that it is supposed to be an axiom that is known to any educated person so well that it can be joked, jealously denying this “fact”: “The hour is not far off when it turns out that the Poles attacked us in the twentieth year, and the Finns in the thirty-ninth "). Or here is a typical example from the forum speeches of an adherent of the myth: “HAHAH! You should at least read your canonical Stalinopupkin story! I would have known then why the Soviets were flooded in Poland, and what the “world revolution” is. A "Poles as part of the interventionists ...&qu

Lies and Fakes about the Red Army (Battle for the Bicycle)

  This well-known photograph is traditionally used to illustrate articles about the atrocities of Soviet soldiers in Berlin. This theme with surprising constancy rises from year to year to Victory Day. The photograph itself is published, usually with the caption "A Soviet soldier takes a bicycle from a resident of Berlin." There are also signatures from the cycle "Looting flourished in Berlin on the 45th," etc. On the question of photography itself and what is captured on it, there is heated debate. The arguments of the opponents of the version of "looting and violence" that I had to meet on the network, unfortunately, sound unconvincing. Among them, one can single out, firstly, calls not to build judgments on the basis of one photograph. Secondly, an indication of the poses of a German woman, a soldier, and other persons caught in the frame. In particular, from the calmness of the supporting characters, it follows that this is not about violence, but abou

Air aces. Figures and facts.

  The Germans are considered the best aces pilots of World War II, and it is those of the German pilots who fought with us on the Eastern Front and shot down our planes. Moreover, the numbers are breathtaking. If 15 of our best aces shot down from 41 to 62 German aircraft during the war, then 15 German aces - from 203 to 352 Soviet aircraft. I must say that among Soviet historians these figures have always been doubtful ... Recently I bought a book ... "Encyclopedia of military art. Military pilots. Ases of World War II" ... it was published in Minsk. Soviet historians have long written that our planes, shot down by German aces, are actually planes at which the Germans just shot. At the time of the shooting they were photographed. And the shots of a photo-machine gun mounted on German fighters recorded the fact of shooting, and not real destruction.Without a doubt, that is precisely why, in the Encyclopedia ... the thought is especially carefully suggested that the Germans

Famine in Tsarist Russia

We all know about the Famine in the Volga region in 1920–21 and the Famine in the early 1930s, that is, under the “Bolsheviks,” who are considered the culprits of these disasters. Moreover, they are accused of premeditated murder - that these “famines” were organized by them for the extermination of the people and therefore fall under the definition of genocide. One could believe this if the Famine in Russia first happened during the “Bolsheviks", and before their rule, people had never heard of such a disaster. But, it turns out, hunger was a regular and massive phenomenon in tsarist Russia. The hungry years were repeated with the same frequency, after 8-11 years, with which the lean years happened. Starvation as a disaster, covering a more or less significant group of the country's population, was widespread in Russia in the 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as in Western Europe of the 18th and first half of the 19th centuries. Russia followed the same path as the cou