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Budapest Ghetto

by Barnabas Csorbics ‎   75 Years ago in this day ( 17th of January ) the Soviet Red Army liberated the Budapest Ghetto. Soviet soldiers found more than 3000 corpses inside. During the last few months of the war in Hungary, the Nyilaskeresztes part (Arrow Cross party) exploited the anarchic conditions in the areas still under their control to continue their excesses against the Jews. This was particularly true in Budapest, despite the fact that the Soviet army had completely encircled the city by December 27, 1944. The reign of terror that had begun with Szalasi's assumption of power on October 15, 1944, went almost completely unchecked after the beginning of the Soviet siege on December 9. Gangs of armed Nyilas--mostly teenagers--roamed the city hunting for Jews in hiding. They searched them out in hospitals, shelters, homes outside the ghetto, in the International Ghetto, and in the large ghetto.After robbing the Jews of their remaining valuables, the Nyilas ( th