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Nazi crimes in the Smolensk region

This is a list of villages in the Smolensk region burned with people. The list is far from complete, but giving an idea of ​​what was happening then. Compiled on the basis of data from the Smolensk regional center of heroic-patriotic youth education . In total, in the Smolensk region during the occupation, more than 300 villages were destroyed along with the inhabitants. Without residents or partially with residents - about 5,000 villages. During the war, one out of every three residents of the Smolensk region died. The pre-war population has not been restored so far. Vyazemsky district. The village of Debrevo. On January 13, 1942, the Germans discovered an underground hospital in a local school. Those wounded who could move were shot in a ravine near the village. The rest were left at the school, whose doors were hammered and set on fire. A total of 67 people were shot and burned. The village of Pastih. In early February 1942, more than 30 villagers were executed. The village