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Krasnodar trial

The occupation of Krasnodar lasted six months. During this time, the Nazis and their accomplices destroyed the city and killed 11,472 people (before the war there were about 200,000 inhabitants), of which 4,972 men, 4,322 women, 2187 children. To speed up executions, the invaders used "gas chambers" ("gazenvageny") - sealed trucks, where 7000 Krasnodar were poisoned with exhaust gases. It was a deliberate punitive policy of units of the 17th German army under the command of Colonel General R. Ruof. The head of the Krasnodar Gestapo, Colonel K. Christman, planned the killings. The German Gestapo officers and the SS-10-A sonderkommand, consisting of traitors to the motherland, worked in concrete cries. About 200 people served in it. Alas, at first they managed to catch a few. But even 11 suspects were enough to start the world's first open trial of Nazi accomplices. At the trial in Krasnodar on July 14-17, 1943, members of the SS-10-A sonderkommando and their assi


 Nuremberg trials began - an open trial of mankind over Nazism. All protocols will not be enough to list his crimes, much is hidden in the ashes and the earth. The executioners methodically killed millions of innocents, feeling their impunity. Until 1943, no one in the world had the experience of trial of the Nazis and their accomplices! There was no analogue of such cruelty in world history, there were no atrocities of such temporal and geographical proportions, therefore there were no legal norms for retaliation. For justice, it was still necessary to free places of crimes and witnesses, to capture the criminals themselves. The Soviet Union was the first to do all this. It was his lawyers who had an unusual and hard job to investigate mass atrocities and impose an objective sentence. For this, in all the liberated areas, the Extraordinary State Commission collected facts about atrocities and atrocities. For this, millions of prisoners of war were interrogated several times in the cam

History of the Norwegian SS volunteer Hans Christian Rommerud

In the first photo, dated 1942, the Norwegian SS volunteer Hans Christian Rommerud holds in his hands the skull of a fighter of the Red Army, from which, according to eyewitnesses, he was going to make a candlestick or an ashtray. North Karelia. Hans Christian Rommerud cooks a skull in a pot to separate human meat from bones In the next photo, the skull of Rommeroud himself, discovered on June 25, 2006, 62 years after his death. On June 24, 1944, when injured, Rommenrud shot himself in order not to be captured by the soldiers of the 571th regiment of the 205th Infantry Polar Division, who on that day drove the Essmans from the height of Caprolat. Then, after a fierce battle of 300 people in the SS battalion Nord, less than half remained alive. The photo shows a bullet hole in the right temple and a fired cartridge case and a personal identification mark (soldier token) . Remains of Hans Christian Rommerud Obituary Death record The battalions of the 571st regiment stormed the height of

Nazi crimes in the Smolensk region

This is a list of villages in the Smolensk region burned with people. The list is far from complete, but giving an idea of ​​what was happening then. Compiled on the basis of data from the Smolensk regional center of heroic-patriotic youth education . In total, in the Smolensk region during the occupation, more than 300 villages were destroyed along with the inhabitants. Without residents or partially with residents - about 5,000 villages. During the war, one out of every three residents of the Smolensk region died. The pre-war population has not been restored so far. Vyazemsky district. The village of Debrevo. On January 13, 1942, the Germans discovered an underground hospital in a local school. Those wounded who could move were shot in a ravine near the village. The rest were left at the school, whose doors were hammered and set on fire. A total of 67 people were shot and burned. The village of Pastih. In early February 1942, more than 30 villagers were executed. The village

History of the genocide of Soviet prisoners Part №8

The total number of Soviet prisoners of war in the foreign press is determined within  5.2-5.75 million people . A commission of the Ministry of Defense chaired by M. A. Gareev announced about 4 million. Only  1,836,562  people returned from captivity     Part №1   Part №2   Part №3   Part №4   Part №5   Part №6   Part №7   Part №8 Part №8 SS Concentration Camps I would also like to recall that before May 1, 1944, according to German documents, three million two hundred ninety-one thousand one hundred fifty-seven Soviet prisoners of war were killed. We have no right to forget about this tragedy! The general public is practically unaware that part of the Soviet prisoners of war was held in the so-called "labor camps" subordinate to the apparatus and troops of the SS. Let us dwell on this issue in more detail, because this is actually a completely unknown topic. Few people know that the famous Auschwitz concentration camp was originally created for the mainten